KOTFA KoreaWorld Travel Fasir 2015


Nice to meet you!
I am the Chairman of KOTFA, Shin Jung Mok.
Thank you for visiting our company's home page.

Dear internal and external travelers ,

2019 will be our 34th year of hosting KOTFA.
Thank you for showing an enthusiastic response to our company's exhibition.

In retrospect, it feels like just a few days ago we had integrated KOTFA, OTF,
and held the first KOTFA.
Through a lot of change and trouble, with your attention and support, the fair has now become one of the representative
international fairs in Korea and has been participated in by 60 countries.

Since it started, there have been many changes and much progression all around.
Particularly with it liberalizing the overseas trips in 1989, Korean tourism business has been raised.
Now our in-out bound services are in the 30 millions.
Our staff and I are very proud of this assignment. We will continue to provide a differentiated service and know-how.

Welcoming our 30th anniversary, KOTFA provides clients with better service though new formats and developed contents.
We will offer various and sufficient internal and external tourism services to the public, brisk consultation, and exchange
opportunities with companies. While also holding related program like presentations and seminar, we are playing the role of a
Korean tourism market place with national competitiveness.

Preparing to welcome an age of 50 million in tourism exchange, we appreciate your attention and encouragement.
We also promise to do our best to advance the tourist industry not only in Korea but all around the world.
We hope all of you will benefit from KOTFA.

Thanks for visiting the KOTFA homepage.

Chairman of KOTFA Shin Jung Mok