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In Out Intra 바운드의 종합관광박람회 한국국제관광전

SITIF 2020 – The Best International Travel
Fair in Korea

The Korea World Travel Fair (KOTFA) is, with its 34 year-history, the largest international travel fair in Korea where 70 countries are participating to promote their tourism resources and cultures.
The KOTFA is the only international travel fair in Korea where the official tourism organizations at home and abroad are participating and sponsoring.
The KOTFA is supporting to strengthen the competitiveness of the tourism industry in Korea by combining inbound, outbound and intrabound tourism together and providing a market place for mutual relationship among tourism businesses at home and abroad.
The KOTFA is constantly pursuing the public concerns by providing various benefits to enable the developing countries to participate in the Fair, and enlarging the international relationship.
The KOTFA dedicates to encourage the sound tourism of Korean travelers by offering various information of domestic and foreign tourism attractions.

SITIF2020 – Summary of Seoul International Tourism Fair 2020

Event Name : Seoul International Tourism Fair 2020
* Concurrent Event: The 35th Korea World Travel Fair(KOTFA2020)
Date : Nov 9th(Mon.) ~ 12th(Thur.), 2020 / 4 days
Venue : SETEC Hall1 ,3, Seoul, Korea
Sponsored by : ‘Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, Seoul Metropolitan
                         Government, Korea Tourism Organization, Korea Tourism Association’
Hosted by : KOTFA Co., Ltd.

SITIF2021 - schedule of the 36th Korea World Travel Fair

Date : June 7th(Thu.) ~ 10th(Sun.), 2021
Venue : COEX Hall C, D1, Seoul, Korea