KOTFA KoreaWorld Travel Fasir 2015

Booth Information

Basic Booth


  • 9㎡(3m X3mX2.5m)


  • USD 3,600


  • 3 Walls(Back, Left, Right) or Two Walls(Corner Location)
  • Company ID - 1EA(English & Korean)
  • 1 Information Desk & 1 Chair per each booth
  • Spotlight (100W) - 3 EA
  • Fluorescent Lamp (40W) - 2 EA
  • Electricity - 220V Two Socket Outlet 1 EA
  • Flooring - Anti-Fire Fiber-Tex
  • Other required items may be requested for a fee.
  • A desk and chair are provided per exhibitor regardless of the number of booths occupied.
  • Please do not use other booths’ Items without permission.

Space Only


  • 9㎡(3m X3m)


  • USD 3,100


  • Other matters should be addressed according to the policies of the COEX-designated companies listed below.

Notice to Space Only

Participants who reserve for booth space only should submit the decoration plan to the KOTFA Secretariat for approval within 2 weeks before installing booth. Otherwise, the Secretariat may cancel the registration at its own discretion.

Booths without prior approval maybe subject for removal at the discretion of the Secretariat

The maximum height of the Booth should not exceed 5 meters

Participant’s Benefits

  • Special offers on partner hotels
  • Participation in Official Events (ex: Welcome Reception, Opening ceremony, etc.)
  • Promotion opportunities through a variety of media
  • Exposure of your promotional video through multi-screen in the exhibitions
  • Usage of main stage (Coordination with the Secretariat should be done prior to the exhibitions)
  • 3 entry passes per booth

Payment deadline

  • Within a week after submitting an application form

Deposit Account

  • Shinhan Bank Myeongdong Branch 180-007-356911 (Swiftcode: SHBKKRSE)
  • Account Opener : KOTFA. Co., Ltd
  • The remittance fee should be paid by the sender.


  • All cancellations must be submitted in writing to KOTFA Organizing Committee.
  • Refund Policy for Cancellation as follows
  • for cancellations made on or before February 8th, 2019 : 80% refund
  • for cancellations made between February 9th ~ April 12th, 2019: 50% refund
  • for cancellations made on or after April 13th, 2019 : No refund

Booth Location

  • Booth Location would be allotted by KOTFA 2019 Organizing Committee, according to deposit order and booth
    space, regional classification and industrial classification after application deadline.
  • KOTFA 2019 Organizing Committee has a right to allot booth location .