KOTFA KoreaWorld Travel Fasir 2015

Exhibitor center

When is the 2017 exhibition period?

The 32nd KOTFA will be held at COEX 1F A, B hall from Thursday, June 1st to Sunday, June 4th.

May I post my company's advertisement on the KOTFA homepage?

Yes, you can post various advertisements on the E-directory distributed to exhibitors and audiences and on the homepage, etc.

Tell me about the traffic information and parking.

Use subway line 2 at the Samsung Station or village bus Gangnam 01,06 or regular bus 146,301,342,401,143,640,2415,3217,3411,3414,3418,2413,4318,4419,3417,9407,9414,9507.
You will use the charged parking lot at COEX.
During the displaying term, only vehicles used for working are free.
For more information, call the secretariat.

Tell me about food, beverages, and amenities at the exhibition center.

There are various of foods, beverages, and amenities at the COEX exhibition center underground store. For more information, you can visit.
links : http://www.coexmall.com/store/storeList.do

I want to amend company introduction in the participating company list.

If you want to amend or add content, please contact the secretariat. We will help you as soon as possible.
Tel. 02-757-6161

Email. kotfa1986@naver.com

Is there an official hotel and airline introduced to the exhibitor?

Yes, It is included in "participating company manual" at community notice. Download the manual from there.
Tel. 02-757-6161

Email. kotfa1986@naver.com

My company isn't on the participating company list.

If you are having trouble finding your company's name, please use the search engine below. If it is missed, please contact us and we will help you as soon as possible.

May I sell product and food at booth?

Yes, You can sell product and food talked with Host prior to the exhibition.

Cooking food at the exhibition hall should be banned.

You can sell completed and sealed product but, please talking with Host prior to the exhibition.

I need a part-timer who helps operate booth during exhibition term.

If you need a part-timer, Host helps you recruit one.

But, Part-time fee is 60,000($60) a day not including VAT.

When do I check 2016 booth arrangement?

Booth arrangement and Participating companies list will notify 2~3weeks before holding the event.

For consultation with participating companies in advance.

We give each company prior notice and have a consultation period.

We notify that as soon as possible.

When will be dismantled 2016 booth?

June 12th (Sun) 2016, 18:00 after closing ceremony, Booth dismantling will be started.

When will be installed 2016 exhibition booth?

It will be allowed June 7th ~ 8th 2016, two days until 08:00 ~ 20:00.

Overworked It is paid for additional charge followed by COEX policy, be punctual please

May I be recommended to booth installment company?

Refer to COEX service subcontractor List in KOTFA Participation Information page.

If you want to be recommended by Host please contact us.
Tel. 82-2-757-6161

Email. kotfa1986@naver.com

May I use seminar room during exhibition period?

Yes If company require that, secretariat will request seminar room rental to COEX.

But, If there are not available rooms, using a seminar room could be restricted by COEX.

There is seminar room rental fee.

Tell me about Refund policy.

For cancellation made on or before Jan. 31, 2016: 80% of total entry fee will be refunded.

For cancellation made between Feb. 1~ Mar.31, 2016: 50% of total entry fee will be refunded.

For cancellation made on or after April. 1, 2016: 100% of total entry fee will not be refunded.

Tell me about policy of discounting policy of booth.

Early Bird

- 10% discount with an application completed and booth fee paid by February 28th

Basic Fee (not including VAT)

- Package Booth 3m X3mX 2.5m/Booth ₩3.850.000/1Booth

- Space Only 3m X3m/Booth ₩3.300.000/1Booth

Early Bird (not including VAT)

- Package Booth 3m X3mX 2.5m/Booth ₩3.465.000/1Booth

- Space Only 3m X3m/Booth ₩2.970.000/1Booth

What kind of companies participate KOTFA?

It the largest Tour exhibition participated by 60 countries and 500 companies related with tour.

Representatively, the exhibition is hosted by 17 Municipal & Local government, overseas tourism organizations, embassies, tour agency, hotels, condominiums, schools related with tourism, medical care, transportation, communication companies, IT companies and tour related organizations.