KOTFA KoreaWorld Travel Fasir 2015


How can I report to a lost article?

If you find a lost article or lost it, reporting or bringing it to the secretariat.
On event date we are using hosts' office 2F for KOTFA secretariat

May I rent a stroller or a wheelchair?

There is a stroller and wheelchair rental at COEX 1F center

May toddlers or children attend KOTFA?


They may attend for free.

Also, admission is free for persons with a senior pass, disabled person’s pass, preschoolers, or persons 60 or older.

Tell me about the traffic information and parking.

Use subway line 2 at the Samsung Station or village bus Gangnam 01,06 or regular bus 146,301,342,401,143,640,2415,3217,3411,3414,3418,2413,4318,4419,3417,9407,9414,9507.

You will use the charged parking lot at COEX.

Is there a rest area in exhibition hall?

Yes, We provide a rest area with cafeteria and main stage.

Does It sell food&beverage in exhibition hall?

Yes, It sells food&beverage at cafeteria also, some booths proceed slaes and sample of fully-cooked special food

May I purchase tour package at KOTFA?

Yes, It operates booth of special tour package in exhibition and professional tour agencies selling various tour package provide you with information, reservation and sales

What kind of things may I watch at exhibition?

You can feast various sightseeing, tour and culture of 60 countries all around and hear information about tourist attraction in Korea.

Everyday it provides traditional performance of various countries at main stage and sells customized tour package at booth of special tour package at bargain price.

How do I reserve a group viewing?

Download an application from the audience data of form page in homepage, fill it in, and send it.

May I get a free ticket?

Yes, You can get a free ticket at quick menu "receiving free ticket" on the right side filling .

What's the admission fee to KOTFA?

Admission is 7,000 won for adults, 5,000 won for students.

It could allow to free pre-online registrants, holders of free invitation ticket or txt.

It could allow to free a person who has a senior pass or a disabled person’s pass , a preschooler or senior above 60age.