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I want to know about point policy

1. Member levels Information   
- An Associate member : In joining

- A Regular member: Above 2000 points and less 3000 points

- A Silver member: Above 3000 points and less 5000 points

- A Gold member: Above 5000 points and less 7000 points

- A Platinum member: Above 7000 points

2. Point Policy Information

[Acquisition of points]
: Graded payment followed by below

- Points will be issued when you login, click an article, write a comment, write an article on the free board , write a review, participate in an online event, etc.

[Point Criterion]
- 1000 points for joining

- 5 points for log-in (Once a day)

- 50 points for participating in an event

- 50 points for writing an article on free board (Once a day)

- 1000 points each for agreeing on mailing and texting

- 50 points for shortcut (entering www.kotfa.co.kr to the url address bar)

- 50 points for visiting the KOTFA website by clicking on the mailing service (Once per e-mail)

- 50 points for visiting the KOTFA website by clicking from txt messages
[Standards of membership levels and policies]
Standards can be changed by KOTFA.
When membership levels change: After an activity (within two days, after ** hours or direct)
Membership period: Disqualification period is five years; membership will be readjusted after the period
Membership level standards and membership benefits can be changed or suspended without notice. Membership levels  acquired illegally will be adjusted.
If illegal activities are discovered, the membership will be discontinued without notice.

I forget my ID and password.

There is a menu, Log-in, with finding ID and Password above right page.

I want to change my password.

After log-in You can change your ID and Password on the Changing my information page immediately.

I want to get a part-time job for KOTFA.

Priorities will be given among online members applying for KOTFA event part-time job.

If you send an e-mail with a letter of profile and self-introduction, we will send a notice to you.

But, we do not allow telephone inquiry so, please use an e-mail.

What are the membership benefits?

Our members benefit from the services listed below.
Open a page for members only.
Receive a KOTFA free invitation ticket(four times annually).
Tickets to participate in KOTFA online events.
Pre-qualifications related to KOTFA: Priority to meet with ambassadors and apply for part-time jobs .(Available for pre-application than general period)