KOTFA KoreaWorld Travel Fasir 2015

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Tell me about the traffic information and parking.

Use subway line 2 at the Samsung Station or village bus Gangnam 01,06 or regular bus 146,301,342,401,143,640,2415,3217,3411,3414,3418,2413,4318,4419,3417,9407,9414,9507.

You will use the charged parking lot at COEX.

I want to apply exhibition pass.

During event period, a person related with media should receive a press badge ,dropping by the secretariat and submitting a name card.

I want to request report material.

I want to request report material.
Host hand out media related with the exhibition including pre-media, opening media, closing media etc. about five times.
If you want other media files, please contact us.
Tel. 82-2-757-6161

Fax. 82-2-757-6089

Email. kotfa1986@naver.com